It has long been believed that a person's face is a reflection of his soul. Today, the face is definitely both a business card and a part of the image, because first of all, when we meet a person, we look at his face. This is a particularly important area of our body's skin, both in terms of beauty and health, because it is the facial skin that has to face many challenges - to cope with external influences or natural changes.

We all know that the more we take care of our facial skin and take proper care of it, the more our eyes shine. And while every woman would like to nurture facial skin easily, unfortunately, not all of our genetics are conducive to that, so there comes a time when special measures are needed to improve the condition of facial skin. One of them is innovative and exclusive cosmeceutics.

Cosmeceutics is a group of cosmetics that combines the best properties of traditional cosmetics and medicinal products for external use. Cosmeceutical term and consists of words cosm (ethics) + (pharma) ceutiks.

Today we are pleased to present you a special line of cosmetic products MESALTERA. It is an innovative professional cosmetics brand created by Natalia Mikhaylova, a doctor of medicine, dermatovenereologist and cosmetologist, which has already become a real revolution in the world.

The MESALTERA by Natalija Mikhaylova line is designed to solve all aesthetic skin problems, and the product itself is based on personal research of the practicing doctor - cosmetologist Natalya Mikhaylova, her extensive practical experience in injection and laser techniques and the most advanced laboratories in Japan, Switzerland, France, Canada and others. technologies.

The high efficacy of these products can be compared to the results of injectable mesotherapy, hence the name of the line MESALTERA itself - it is an "alternative to mesopreparations".

MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova products are designed to achieve fast results and enhance the effectiveness of other cosmetological procedures such as laser methods, botulinum therapy, mesotherapy, chemical scrubs. The products are not only for professionals, so you can also use them at home for daily skin care or treatment of problem areas. Due to the highest quality concentration of active ingredients, cosmeceutics are designed to achieve fast results, the effectiveness of which will be scientifically proven in clinical trials.

Cosmeceutics MESALTERA by Dr. Mikhaylova - certified, meets the highest global requirements for quality, innovation and safety, so it is a combination of high efficiency and pleasant use for your facial skin.