Cosmetics for facial skin care

Facial skin is thinner and more exposed to the environment, stress, lack of sleep. Therefore, in an effort to maintain healthy, smooth, soft skin, it is recommended to use a skin cleanser and cream daily, depending on the skin type. Regardless of the skin type, it is recommended to use the following for daily skin cleansing:

  • Milk, cleanser or foam. For dry, sensitive, dehydrated, it is recommended to use milk for additional hydration and softening. Oily or mixed use of cleanser or foam is recommended to remove excess sebum and normalize sebaceous gland secretion. 
  • Tonic. For dry, sensitive, scaly skin, it is recommended to use a tonic that moisturizes and softens facial skin. And for those with oily or combination skin, it is recommended to use a tonic that normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, reduces pores. The tonic is used after milk, cleanser or foam to restore the pH of the skin. 

It is recommended to use as sun protection, strengthening capillary walls, moisturizing, softening or reducing sebum secretion, stopping the appearance of acne:

  • Face cream. It is recommended to apply the face cream only on cleanly cleansed skin, because then the absorption of its active components is best. The cream should be chosen according to your skin type. The face cream is recommended for use in the morning and evening. In the morning, you can choose a lighter cream so that the skin does not start to shine during the day. At night, you can choose a "heavier" "oily" cream, which will promote skin regeneration during sleep. 
  • Face mask. The face mask has a more intense effect on the facial skin because it contains a higher amount of active components. They are recommended for use when it is noticed that the skin lacks softness, softness, hydration. Face masks can be mixed, once moisturizing, the next nourishing. It is recommended to use once a week or as needed. 

When caring for facial skin, the eye area should also be kept in mind. At this point, the skin is particularly thin, so a regular face cream is not the right choice. It is recommended to use cosmetics for the skin of the eye area. Depending on the skin type and age, the use of a cream and / or serum is recommended. 

  • The eye cream is intended for younger people and can be used from the age of 25. The cream for the eyes is less concentrated than the serum. It is suitable for moisturizing, softening the skin or as a preventive measure against the appearance of wrinkles. Can be used in combination with serum for a stronger effect.
  • Eye serum, in higher concentrations, is therefore recommended for mature, tired skin. The serum helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes. After the serum, it is necessary to use the cream as a sunscreen. Serum or cream is recommended for use in the morning and evening.