Cosmetics for oily skin care

When the production of skin fat increases for various reasons, the hornyness of the skin intensifies and the growth of bacteria can be understood that the skin has become oily. It is then recommended to start using products for the care of oily skin, which would normalize the secretion of oily skin, have a keratolytic effect and have an antiseptic, antibacterial effect. You will be able to forget about acne, blackheads and skin shine. 

How to understand whether the measure is appropriate? 

Look for the following active ingredients in cosmetics:

  • Grapefruit, lemon, green tea extracts - normalizes sebum secretion, has antiseptic action
  • Ac.Net complex - prevents the formation of acne and comedones
  • Salicylic, glycolic acids - have a keratolytic effect
  • Urea - softens the skin