Cosmetics for problem skin care

Problematic skin is characterized by inflammatory and non-inflammatory elements of the rash, such as acne, blackheads. It is very important not to mask this skin condition, but to take proper care of it on a daily basis. Because improper care will exacerbate the problem, which can lead to acne later on. Problematic skin needs to be moisturized so that it does not dry out and at the same time the cosmetic product has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the appearance of acne. 

How to choose cosmetics suitable for problem skin?

It is important to look for active ingredients in them:

  • Ac.Net complex - removes favorable conditions for the formation of acne and comedones
  • Trikenol complex - reduces irritation, moisturizes, normalizes sebum secretion
  • Green tea extract - has an antioxidant effect