Cosmetics for normal skin care

Few people have the type of normal skin because it is characterized by very smooth, elastic, soft, dirt-free skin with normal pores. While such skin does not cause problems, it perfectly withstands the damage caused by the environment, but it also needs to be taken care of. It is wrongly believed that only water is enough for normal skin, because water does not remove dirt and dust. Therefore, as with other skin types, you should use a cleanser, tonic and cream and sometimes pamper your skin with a face mask. 

What remedies are needed for normal skin? 

  • A cleanser that is safer to remove dirt, dust, it is important that it does not contain ethanol, dyes, fragrance, which could damage the protective layer of the skin. 
  • The tonic should prepare the skin for the face cream, so it is best to choose one that contains natural active ingredients such as various fruit acids or extracts. 
  • And after the tonic should be completed using a cream that moisturizes the skin.