Cosmetics for mature skin

Biological aging of the skin begins at the age of 25, the subcutaneous fat layer becomes thinner at the age of 35, and the elastic fiber of the skin becomes less elastic, resulting in the first visible wrinkles. And at the age of 40, the skin is already called mature and requires special care. Brandi skin is characterized by smaller and deeper wrinkles, loss of firmness, change in facial contour, uneven shade, and sometimes pigment spots. Then measures are needed to provide a lifting effect, brighten, strengthen capillaries.

What cosmetics are suitable?

The following, which contain active components that will help reduce wrinkles, restore elasticity, softness to the skin:

  • Macadamia, olive, peach oils - moisturize, soften the skin
  • Syn-Ake complex - blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the tissue and then the mimic muscles are relaxed. 
  • Succinic acid - for lightening pigment spots
  • Collagen - to restore the smoothness and elasticity of the skin