The line of cosmetics COLLAGENE 3D MEDICAL is the only one in the world where collagen is in a pure, natural - native form - in a trispiral structure. The use of products from this brand brings results that last for a very long time. 

The products contain two types of collagen, which are very close in structure to human collagen: excreted from animals and excreted from fish. 

Great attention is paid to the purification of collagen - the amount of extraneous impurities is minimized, therefore the cosmetics are extremely safe to use, minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. 

The unique collagen with neutral pH technology has been developed to create COLLAGENE 3D MEDICAL gels. To date, all manufacturers of the world produce cosmetic collagen mortars with an acidic pH medium. Visa COLLAGENE 3D MEDICAL the products do not contain flavorings, dyes, nor do they contain hormones, so they do not cause either addiction or rejection.

COLLAGENE 3D MEDICAL the products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical factory that meets all international quality standards and health safety standards.


BOTO LINE - a line for mature facial skin, a great alternative to botox. Provides a lifting effect, deep hydration.

Q-10 ACTIVE - a line for dry skin care. Provides a strong antioxidant effect, stimulates skin regeneration, cell regeneration.

REVITAL LINE - for non-injectable skin biorevitalization. The products of this line strengthen the dermis from the inside, stimulate youth processes, restore the hydrolipid barrier. With regular use, the skin looks noticeably younger.

The active ingredient of the BASIC CARE line - native trispiral collagen - intensely moisturizes, provides a strong lifting effect, stimulates skin regeneration, increases turgor and elasticity, improves skin color and micro-relief.

EXPRESS PROTECT- line enriched with Japanese sophora extract, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces their fragility and permeability, improves tissue trophism, accelerates regeneration. A Japanese driver is also needed to remove swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Thanks to the flavonoids it contains, it reduces the symptoms of the vascular network, increases turgor, improves color and microrelief. Hyaluronic acid intensely moisturizes and gives a pronounced lifting effect.

The EXPRESS LIFTING line is enriched with succinic acid, which provides an antioxidant effect, a pronounced antihypoxic effect. Improves metabolic processes in cells, microcirculation in tissues. Gently reduces the signs of fatigue, provides a noticeable lifting effect, safely brightens.

The products in the AQUA BALANCE line range have a deep moisturizing, anti-wrinkle reduction and firming effect. Thanks to the native trispiral collagen, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, vitamins and plant extracts contained in the products, the skin not only moisturizes, but also retains a large amount of moisture, compensates for the lack of intercellular material, provides lifting effect, improves tone and microrelief, improves natural cell .