Aging processes in the skin of men and women: find out the essential difference

The aging process in the skin is inevitable for every person. It is mostly about the signs of aging in women’s skin, the internet is full of tips for caring for mature woman’s skin and endless product recommendations. Genetically, a woman’s skin is more vulnerable and sensitive, requiring more care. However, it is also important to properly care for men’s skin, despite its resistance to environmental influences and the genetic factors that lead to the subsequent onset of wrinkles and other significant conditions.

The natural processes that take place in a woman's skin begin to change at the age of 20: the production of collagen and elastin is gradually declining. For some women, the first signs of aging appear earlier, for others later, but approximately, the first visible wrinkles begin to appear around the age of 30.

For men, their skin naturally contains more collagen, as well as high levels of testosterone, so by nature, men's skin is thicker, more oily, with more pores, facial hair protects it from the cold and bacteria, and wrinkles begin to appear much later. Around the age of about 40-50, rapid aging processes begin - the skin begins to thin and wrinkles deepen. The main difference is that women’s skin ages gradually, while in men’s skin, the aging processes start later but happen very quickly.

Men's, as well as women's, skin is exposed to various stresses: harmful effects of the environment, sunlight, fatigue, smoking and other factors, so proper care is extremely important.

The most important step in the daily skin care of both men and women is to thoroughly clean the skin. Women usually take care of their skin more delicately than men - they use various cleansers, cleansers, tonics, but men are often accustomed to washing their face only with water or soap. At the end of the day, the facial skin is covered with a layer of impurities invisible to humans, so plain water does not completely wash them, and soap dries the skin and worsens its condition, further accelerating the aging process, so dehydration is a common skin problem in men. Despite the fact that the epidermal layer of men's skin is thicker, but the dermis is the same as women's, so the resulting wrinkles are not superficial, but immediately dermal (deep). Depending on the skin type and problems, it is advisable to choose the right face wash and wash your face in the morning and evening.

Men's skin is constantly irritated by shaving, so it is important to use specialized cosmetics for irritated skin after shaving, deeply moisturizing. It is recommended to choose one-line cosmetics, preferably cosmeceuticals, in which the active ingredients have a healing effect, soothe the skin, prevent the formation of scars after cutting, tighten pores, effectively moisturize and regulate sebum secretion.