The composition of cosmetics: what to avoid?

To have healthier and more beautiful skin, we use a variety of care products every day, but do we know how the cosmetics we use actually affect our skin? According to research, popular substances used in everyday skin care products can not only cause damage to various organ functions, but are also associated with cancer.

One of the most harmful substances used in many cheaper cosmetics is preservatives called parabens, which ensure the longer shelf life of cosmetic products. These substances, which inhibit the growth of bacteria, are absorbed by our body through the skin. According to experts, the action of parabens as hormones not only increases the likelihood of organ dysfunction. More and more studies are revealing the effects of these preservatives on the endocrine system, which are directly linked to cancer.

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A common ingredient in skin care products is sulphates, which are commonly used in skin cleansing cosmetics to ensure that the cosmetics are foaming. If you notice redness or dehydration on your skin - it is worth checking the composition of the cosmetics used. It is unlikely that your body will detect high levels of sulfates faster than you. These skin symptoms are often caused by a large amount of fragrances and dyes, which are aimed at obtaining a particularly attractive cosmetic smell or color.

Due to the sudden effect in cosmetics, silicone, which is especially popular among manufacturers, has a rather dual effect. On the one hand, on the surface of our skin creates a film that protects the skin from the environment and airborne particles harmful to the skin, on the other hand, thus "protecting" the skin prevents it from performing its necessary function - breathing. It is for the latter reason that changing daily care products to silicone-free can be shocking. After washing, the skin not only becomes dry but also scaly, and no special emollients help to moisturize it.  

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Is it worth caring?

The crucial question that a customer who chooses cosmetics often asks himself and us is - can cosmetics with the above-mentioned substances harmful to the skin actually have a significant impact not only on the skin, but also on health?

The cosmetic product purchased in the store will certainly not exceed the amount of permitted substances that can cause adverse effects on the body, however, it is worth considering here how many cosmetic products you use, i.e. of how many cosmetics do these substances get into your body?

How to choose?

Pharmacies and stores can easily find quality skin care products at an affordable price, so after taking some time to use cosmetic labels, you won’t have a hard time figuring out which products should be put back on the shelf. If you are looking for quality cosmetics that have a positive effect on the skin and body, which does not contain parabens, sulphates, silicones, dyes and other substances harmful to the skin and the body, you are welcome to view the range in our online store.

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