Forget acne, skin shine and enlarged pores

Acne, which often afflicts teenagers, often becomes a problem for adults. Its causes can range from increased skin oiliness to hormonal imbalances or endocrinological diseases, and poor skin care and nutrition only exacerbates the situation. We want to help you have beautiful, smooth and radiant skin. Therefore, we have assembled a kit for problem skin that is prone to rash elements, skin gloss, clogged and enlarged pores. The set consists of two products from the innovative cosmeceutical "Mesaltera".


Solving problematic skin conditions - cosmeceutics?

Cosmeceutics is a word consisting of cosm (ethics) + (pharma) ceutiks. This group of cosmetics occupies an intermediate place between conventional cosmetics and therapeutic products for external use. Cosmeceutics penetrates deeper than cosmetic creams. It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin in the deep layers of the skin, the formation of new cells. The high efficacy of these products can be compared to the results of injectable mesotherapy, which is why the name of the line MESALTERA itself is derived - it is an "alternative to mesopreparations".


How to have beautiful skin?

As with any skin type, skin cleansing is especially important for problem skin. Our skin is affected daily not only by the cosmetics used but also by environmental pollution. Therefore, the first step towards more beautiful skin is proper cleansing. Problem skin should not be cleaned with very strong, aggressive cleansers that can damage the hydrolipid barrier. Cleansing your skin can be great for you Anti Acne Gel Purifiant gel cleanser that removes make-up residues and environmental contaminants. At the same time cleansing and shrinking pores and reducing the amount of acne.

The Ac.Net complex contained in Anti Acne Gel purifiant cleans clogged pores and prepares the skin for complete absorption of the cream and prevents the formation of acne. The complex Trikenol normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, provides atiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial effect and reduces skin burning, acne redness. The salicylic acid contained in it helps to clean pores and removes dead skin cells, reduces the visibility of acne.


People suffering from problem skin often mistakenly believe that this condition of the skin does not require hydration, it is enough just to clean the skin properly. Unfortunately, this is not true, each of the 4 major skin types requires hydration. For this reason, the practicing doctor - cosmetologist Natalya Mikhaylova created Anti Acne Hydrating Cream, which simultaneously prevents the formation of rash elements and moisturizes the skin.

Anti Acne Hydrating Cream also contains the Ac.Net complex, so there are double benefits to this product suite. There is another complex in this cream - AcquaCell, which moisturizes the skin and prevents it from dehydrating. And shea butter restores the skin's protective barrier and softens the skin.


What to avoid with problem skin?

Properly selected cosmetics have a particularly significant effect on the treatment of acne. The skin, with the elements of the rash, is very harmful to the soap, as it alkalizes the pH of the skin and sharpens the rash. Alcohol products are also unsuitable - they only unbalance the skin's protective functions. Also, with problem skin, it is not worth choosing skin-damaging, coarse facial scrubs, they will only affect the more abundant appearance of acne and will damage the skin surface.