Skin care in the cold season

Beautiful, healthy-looking and radiant skin is everyone's dream. After all, the face is our business card. So you want to nurture her and look great all year round. However, in the cold season, the skin needs special care. How to maintain it, what tools are best used in this article.

How does cold weather affect the skin?

Obviously, the change of seasons and large fluctuations in air temperature have a strong effect on our facial skin. In cold, harsh weather, the skin loses its natural protective barrier. Healthy skin is covered with a thin layer of oil, which helps maintain its elasticity, moisture and protects it from the harmful effects of the environment. If the protective layer is damaged, problems begin - the skin begins to flake, itch, wrinkle, inflammatory diseases can be exacerbated - eczema, psoriasis, rosacea.

The most common problem is dryness

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, dry skin is a very common problem in winter. In the winter months, at colder temperatures, the humidity decreases, which has a particularly negative effect on the facial skin. Also, the skin is dried by central heating, space heaters and a long bath in a hot shower (let’s face it, we love it very much in the winter).

As we have already mentioned, when our moisture is lost, our skin turns gray, wrinkles faster, becomes pale, uneven, and may start to flake off. Lack of moisture is also indicated by increased skin sensitivity, redness, decreased elasticity. However, these problems can be avoided if you take good care of your facial skin, use quality cosmetics.

In fact, the most important ritual of facial skin care during this period is proper and sufficient hydration. It is best to choose a cream that moisturizes not only the outer but also the deep layers of the face. This is a great fit REVITAL LINE Collagen Cream, which provides deep irrigation. In addition, it is supplemented with native trispiral collagen, which increases skin elasticity, intensely moisturizes, provides a lifting effect. The hyaluronic acid it contains maintains a normal moisture balance. Peach stone and olive oils activate cell regeneration, soften and brighten the skin.

Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin

Did you know that we get rid of about 10 billion dead skin cells a day, which equates to 23kg in a lifetime. This is not only a worrying thought, but also a reminder of how important it is to eliminate them in a timely manner.

There is still a myth that scrubs damage the skin. But in reality, they are very useful, because only by removing dead skin cells, moisturizers that nourish the skin are perfectly absorbed, and new cells are formed. So skin exfoliation is no less important than hydration.

When choosing a skin scrub, make sure that it is enriched with skin nourishing substances. PERFEITOPEEL Goma Scrub exactly what is needed to not only refresh but also nourish the skin. It stimulates cell renewal processes, improves blood circulation. The Jojoba oil contained in it polishes, nourishes and regenerates the skin.

Wash your face only once a day

In the cold season, experts advise not to wash your face too often so as not to dry out your skin too much. It is enough once a day, preferably in the evening. Choose nourishing cleansers or cleansers that are suitable for your facial skin.

People with dry skin by nature need twice as much hydration as they will provide MILKY FRESH Cosmetic Milk, designed specifically for dry skin. It not only safely and effectively cleanses the skin, removes makeup, but also softens and moisturizes it. The non-ionic PAM (surfactants) it contains protects the hydrolipid layer, which damages the skin's loss of moisture and natural oiliness. The effect of milk is enhanced by the Collagene 3D natural fresh phytotonic used for all skin types.

It is important to emphasize that moisturizing is also necessary for oily skin. People with such skin often suffer from acne, so they are advised to choose cleansers that help regulate the functions of the sebaceous glands, provide antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, effect, reduce skin irritation. That is exactly what it is ANTI ACNE GEL PURIFIANT Gel Cleanser with salicylic acid. It does not irritate inflamed skin with acne, it does not dry it out. Removes environmental contaminants and makeup residue. Ac.Net complex cleans clogged pores, reduces the amount of acne.

A beautiful face is a silent recommendation. - F. Bacon.

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