No needles, injections and aggressive procedures: how to safely and effectively care for mature facial skin

Skin aging is one of the most pressing issues. Especially among women in their early fifties. The body is then exposed to obvious, noticeable, complex biological aging processes that are also affected by external factors. Wrinkles begin to deepen, skin becomes thinner, sagging. Yes, we cannot stop skin aging. But we can slow it down.



Get to know cosmeceutics

Probably so far, not a single woman has spent a bunch of money on injections to improve the appearance of mature skin. Or cosmetics of unknown origin that caused an allergic or other side reaction. Others have accustomed the skin to hormonal preparations, but have not achieved long-term results.

If your fight against wrinkles has never been successful, we invite you to get acquainted with safe and effective cosmetic skin care products. These remedies differ from others in that they act on the skin at the cellular level. This is why their effects on the skin are long lasting.


It is also very important to choose those cosmetic products that contain collagen. Why is it so important?

According to scientists, at the age of 30, about 15% of the collagen is left in the body. As a result, facial expressions, "goose legs", forehead wrinkles begin to appear, which only deepen over the years. Fortunately, collagen saves here: it not only improves the elasticity of wrinkled skin, but also helps it regenerate.

It’s time for safe change

Collaborating on scientific theory and practice, Medical Collagene 3D was born, the only cosmetics in the world that contains collagen in a natural, native trispiral structure. Such collagen is as much as 99% equivalent to the collagen found in the human body, which means that its effect on the skin is long-lasting and definitely safe.

According to the manufacturers, native trispiral collagen has a minimal amount of impurities, so the risk of side effects is absolutely minimal. Also, all Medical Collagene 3D products do not contain dyes, flavors and hormones - there is no risk of rejection or addiction. In other words, these cosmetics are so safe that you can use them on your own at home.

From now on, you can perform full cosmetic procedures at home

Introducing the Medical Collagene 3D line of mature skin care products, the Boto line, whose products - face cream, gel mask and eye serum - effectively fight mimic wrinkles and prevent their appearance.

These three Boto line skin care products are quite sufficient for the best results. The best part is that you can safely do all the procedures at home!


We have prepared a special offer just for you, but first let's read the instructions for use:

♡ Boto line gel mask enriched with Syn-ake tripeptide complex - can be used in several ways. 1. Standard. Apply the mask on clean facial skin, hold for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water, dry the skin and apply Boto line face cream. 2. Instead of serum. Apply a thin layer of the mask on cleanly washed facial skin. After the mask is absorbed, apply the face cream.

♡ Cumulative Boto line eye serum - can be used in several ways: 1. Standard. Distribute 2 to 4 drops of serum on a clean eye area with light movements. Once the serum has been absorbed, it is necessary to apply a cream to the skin of the face to protect it from the sun. 2. For more effective results, you can use the eye serum for the whole face

♡ Boto line collagen face cream - can be used instead of the usual day cream. It should be applied in a thin layer on clean facial skin. Tap.

Updated: 11/15/2019

We have no doubt that you will get the best results with all three skin care products. That's why we're announcing an offer: when you buy two products, we'll give you a third! Three products - for the price of two + free shipping. We have a limited number of kits, so hurry up! For the first buyers of Boto line face cream and gel mask, we will give you an eye serum that strengthens the skin structure and ... free delivery!