Damaged and problematic facial skin: an innovative treatment

Often, facial skin is incredibly demanding and whimsical. We are constantly looking for new facial care products and are working to eliminate the depressing problem. Would it still be deepening wrinkles, ar acne, which often afflicts even at a mature age, and not to mention the disease that has erupted after various cosmetological procedures, and damaged skinwhen you don’t want to poke your nose out of the house for almost a week. All of these and the like skin problems requires constant attention and proper dermatological care. Still, often the search for the perfect product ends in frustration.

If you are tired of looking for and investing in new products that often do not live up to expectations, we offer you to get acquainted with the new generation collagen hydrogel EMALAN. The activity of the gel is scientifically based on the results of clinical trials, and the instrument itself has already become almost a legend in many parts of the world due to the obvious results.

Purpose of EMALAN hydrogel

Collagen hydrogel is an indispensable tool in rebuilding the skin after various invasive or other aggressive procedures. Various facial cleansers, peelings, mesotherapy, laser facial treatments and other similar irritants can severely damage sensitive facial skin. To avoid adverse effects, it is necessary to use after damaging and debilitating procedures skin repair products.   

EMALAN gel, a cosmetic product, is also often combined with another dermatological cosmetics and used for the prevention of chronic skin diseases. Between them - abundant acne (acne), psoriasis, different types dermatitis and other long-term and frustrating facial skin diseases. In addition, the restorative effect of the gel promotes skin healing from injuries, burns or sores and protects against scars formation.  

The phenomenon of native trispiral collagen

This complex name is worth remembering - it is the main active ingredient in EMALAN hydrogel. It was this ingredient that led to the incredible effectiveness of the gel. Although there are many types of collagen, native trispiral collagen is equivalent to the collagen produced by young skin, and is completely neutral, clean of viruses and bacteria PH. It is like a building material that helps the skin to heal and regenerate. On the surface this collagen moisturizes the skin and provides long-term lifting effect, and promotes the production of natural collagen in the deep layers of the skin.

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the body, which is responsible for regenerative processes. He tightens the skin, forms an oval of the face and protects from dry skin. Although our skin produces collagen constantly, a variety of external factors and lifestyles can disrupt production, and from the age of 35, this process begins to slow down steadily.

Other components and use of gel

In addition to native trispiral collagen, EMALAN is rich in other components that are extremely useful for the skin. The powerful antioxidant emoxsipin reduces the duration of skin healing, allantoin soothes it and promotes epidermal regenerationr. Meanwhile, the antibacterial properties of dimexide reduce inflammation and itching, and the concomitant sodium tetraborate fights fungal skin diseases.

The effectiveness of EMALAN hydrogel is obvious, so it is often used by a dermatologist during restorative cosmetic procedures. Nevertheless, the gel is fully customizable and safe use at home. All you need to do is apply twice a day to the damaged areas that need treatment. Each case of facial skin disorder is different, but the first healing results should be felt and seen fairly quickly.

Love your facial skin and help when she asks for help. With EMALAN collagen hydrogel, it’s really easy.